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Qurs Dama | Relieves Asthma

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Rs.70.00 PKR
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About the Product

Qurs Dama is beneficial for asthma. It is effective for bronchospasm. It eliminates phlegm from the airways.

Asthma attacks

It manifests as increasingly severe and persistent wheezing, coughing, and constriction.

  • Need more breath to consume, speak, or sleep.
  • Breathing more rapidly.
  • A rapid pulse rate.
  • drowsiness, perplexity, fatigue, or vertigo.
  • blue lips or fingertips.
  • Fainting

The primary goals of asthma treatment are to maintain symptom control. Prevent flare-ups or ‘attacks.’ Maintain as healthy lungs as feasible and use Qurs Dama.


  • Keep out of grasp from children.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Self-medication is discouraged.
  • Place in a dry, cold location.
  • After each use, replace the cap firmly on the medication.
  • Keep medications in their original packaging.

Terms and Conditions

Consult a physician and are not self-medicating by purchasing this medication.


One To Two Tablets With Sharbat Sadar One table Spoon (10ml) At The Bed Or As Directed By Tha Physician.

Packing Size:

  • 20tabs
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