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Labub Barid

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About the Product

Labub Barid is a highly effective medicine for high blood pressure. It also relieves mental and nervous tension, violent mania, hysteria, epilepsy, severe persistent headaches, and sleeplessness.

Types of High Blood Pressure

  • Increased blood flow in the veins due to a hot, moist temperament or sanguineous nature.
  • Increasing blood pressure due to dryness of the vessels (caused by narrowing) results in the dry, cold melancholy type.


  • Beneficial for High Blood Pressure.
  • Relieves mental & nervous tension.
  • Suitable for severe headaches and insomnia.


  • The weakening of the arteries

.          Weak arteries cannot accommodate increased blood flow

  • It is a vicious cycle resulting in further sluggish flow and further pressure increases as the arteries are further damaged.

Dosages :


3g to 5g with a cup of milk (Tea Spoon approx) Or Maa-ul-laham Ajmali before breakfast.


1g to 3g with a cup of milk before breakfast Or as directed by the physician.

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