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Ispaghol Husk | Ispaghol Saboos | اسپغول سبوس

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Form: Whole
Weight: 50g

About the Product

Ispaghol Husk:

Ispaghol Saboos(Ispaghol Husk), also known as Psyllium, is an herb obtained from the Plantago Ovata seeds used extensively in Asia and China to cure various ailments. Native to the west Asian parts, Ispaghul grows in a dry, sunny, and cold climate in a loamy soil. The anti-diuretic and anti-acidic properties promote the use of these seeds in the formation of various medicines.

Gathered from farms and husk separated in a natural environment, Ajmal Herbs Ispaghol Saboos is of premium quality, inclusive to pure Psyllium seeds enriched in numerous rich features excellent for human health and improves the intellectual levels. Offered at an excellent price and value, this product is suitable to treat many diseases, especially piles, constipation, and more.

Containing a high amount of xylose, galacturonic acid, fatty oils, and aucubin, Ispaghol seeds derive a lot of health benefits. They are considered the idea to control the high blood pressure, skin infections while the gelatinous mass components are best for swellings and healing wounds. The proper consumption of Ispaghol Saboos helps in lowering the body cholesterol and prevents colon cancer as well.

The dietary fiber in Ispaghul seeds after mixing in water becomes gel-like to work as a mild laxative to treat constipation while improving the whole digestive system making the stools softer through the water content and proteins. Ideal for transit stool improvement and lubricates the intestine to maintain its functionality, Ispaghul saboos is the perfect solution for many troubling disorders.


  • Finest Quality
  • 100% pure and organic
  • Natural
  • No synthetic procedures
  • Free of chemicals and additives
  • Detoxifying components
  • Anti-inflammatory


  • Excellent for weight loss
  • Digestive agent
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Good for cardiovascular issues
  • Treat diarrhea
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Maintains lipid levels
  • Balance insulin and blood sugar
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