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Habbe Mumsik Mushki Khas

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Size: 20tabs

About the Product

Habbe Mumsik Mushki Khas is a safe reliable natural remedy that helps treat premature ejaculation (surat-e-anzal). It reduces sexual anxieties and allows you to last longer.

The man reaches orgasm a lot quicker than he would like to, making sex a short-lived event. Hab-e-Mumsik reduces hypersensitivity of sexual glands and increases erectile power which makes the act longer & pleasurable.

Habbe Mumsik Mushki Khas includes a potent formula designed to work as an erotic stimulant to improve performance and stamina. Also known to help maintain a stronger erection,

  • Increase endurance & erectile power
  • Delay ejaculation and make you last longer
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Prolong the sexual pleasure
  • Potent premature ejaculation remedy
  • Reduces sexual anxiety


For temporary results use 2-4 tablets one hour before intercourse with a cup of milk.

For permanent cure use 1-2 tablets before breakfast and at 5.00 pm. Can be used with other medicines.

Packing Size:

  • 10tabs
  • 20tabs
  • 250tabs
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