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Dawa-ul-Shifa Ajmali | For Psychological Issues

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About the Product

Dawa-ul-Shifa Ajmali is effective in insomnia, insanity, schizophrenia, and hysteria. It also reduces blood pressure gradually. In Unani Medicinal System, insomnia (sahar) is considered as a disease that upsets the patient’s ability to fall or stay asleep. When dystemperament of the brain disturbs normal sleep, it is called sahar or insomnia. Dawa-ul-Shifa Ajmali helps in all abovementioned conditions and alleviate the symptoms.

Conversely, sleep deprivation amplifies the irritating symptoms of depression and nervousness. It also negatively affects the learning process. Dawa-ul-Shifa Ajmali is a perfect Unani remedy for patients with such symptoms. Patients with melancholia typically experience insomnia. As a matter of fact, the diseases melancholia includes a wide range of mental diseases.

Unani medicine has a holistic approach toward diagnosis and treatment based on the status of the patients and diseases. Dawa-ul-Shifa Ajmali is an all-natural Unani remedy for insomnia that has the potential to treat the sleeplessness as well as other related diseases such as insanity, schizophrenia and hysteria.


  • Effective in insomnia
  • Good for insanity
  • Treats schizophrenia
  • Alleviates symptoms of hysteria
  • Improves high blood pressure problems


1-2 tablets with water two times a day or as directed by the physician


  • Keep the medicine out of children reach.
  • Consult with physician first. Self medication is not recommended.


Asrol (Asarum europaeum)

Packing Size:

  • 20tabs
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