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Borax | Suhaga | سہاگہ

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Form: Grounded
Weight: 50 Gram

About the Product


Borax or Suhaga is a natural compound obtained from mines all over the world and especially in China, United States, Ukraine, India, Romania, and Turkey. Sodium, oxygen, boron, and hydrogen are the main components in borax, while the other well-known names are Sodium borate, Disodium tetraborate, and Sodium tetraborate. The Borax uses are increasing so much as a natural remedy to prevent treat various health issues.

Suhaga is a natural antioxidant stimulator that prevents cardiovascular diseases and maintains the cholesterol level in the body.  For chronic diseases, hormonal problems, chronic pain, and autoimmune ailments, Suhaga benefits are considered highly beneficial because of the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic approach while also good for arthritis, gout, pains, and swellings.

The rich quantity of nutrients, minerals help maintain bone health and hormonal levels.  Boron is an active component in Borax, which fights excellently against the roots of arthritis and promotes proper body health. Insomnia, fungus, lupus, bone spurs, osteoarthritis, and many skin disorders can also be cured with the appropriate usage of Suhaga.

In all the cleansers and detergents, sugar is the main ingredient and works as fertilizer in the calcium plant cycle. The tonsils inflammation caused by bacterial infections is a prevailing disease in children, for which borax is considered highly effective being an alkalis compound. Borax maintains the uterine functionality very well and makes the reproductive system healthy; however, the vaginal tissues caused by parasitic infection can also be avoided by eliminating the fungal infections.

Borax uses

  • Effective arthritis treatment
  • Heal skin issues and inflammations
  • Work as a cleaning agent
  • Good fertilizer
  • Treat surgical wounds
  • Remove pimples and acne
  • Prevent glutathione in blood
  • Eliminate the risks of cardiovascular diseases
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