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Joshanda Ajmali | For Cough, Flu & Cold

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Size: 5 Gram

About the Product

Joshanda Ajmali

Joshanda Ajmali is useful for treating flu of any kind, especially epidemic-type infections, as well as coughs and fever due to it. It prevents the flu when taken prophylactically. 

It is an effective fever and cough syrup, naturally formulated with useful herbs. This is the best remedy to treat fever in all age groups including pediatric children.


· Relieve cold and flu symptoms, including coughing, sore throat, nasal congestion, and runny nose.

·  Reduces throat irritation and dry, unproductive coughing.

Additional Information

  • Take back control of your cough
  • No added sugar
  • Non-drowsy
  • Herbal formulation
  • Great taste


Boil herbs in one glass of water; add sugar in the filtrate and use three times a day

Packing Size:

  • 5gm Sachet
  • 5gm (Box 30pcs)
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