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Akseer e Kiram

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About the Product

Akseer e Kiram


Akseer e Kiram is an Unani formulation that mainly treats male infertility. More than 90% of male infertility occurs due to low sperm count and defects in sperm morphology. There are majorly three types of deficit in sperms: 

  • Oligospermia is the low sperm count. 
  • Teratospermia (aka teratozoospermia) is the irregular sperm shape most sperms become defective. It is caused by either head, midpiece, or tail defects in sperm.
  • Azoospermia is the zero sperm count.  

So, Akseer kiram is the perfect treatment for Oligospermia and Teratospermia except for azoospermia.


Significant benefits of Akseer Kiram are listed below:

  • The sperm count is increased in the semen. 
  • Sperm motility is improved.
  • The sperm morphology (shape) gets healthier.
  • It also balances testosterone levels.
  • Healthy sperm increases the chance of conception. 


We can use Akseer e Kiram for the patient with:

  • Low sperm count
  • Abnormal sperm morphology
  • Abnormal sperm motility

Unani Energetics 

Mizaj: Hot & Dry 
Muqawwi: It is muqawi-e-bah, moallid-e-kiram and moallid-e-mani that increases the quwa of the male reproductive organs and encourages the production of sperms. 
Arwah: It increases the Arwah (vital spirit).
Aaza: Male Reproductive System 
Afaal: improve sperm count, morphology, and motility. 

Quality Control 

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