4 Herbs that will improve your Memory – Brain Food


Most of the people on earth relate memory loss with the aging process. However, either it is occasional memory loss or short term memory loss you should be aware of that there can be some factors, which can cause it even in young age people. So, it is pointless to attribute memory loss only to aging. The causes can be alcohol, stress, depression, insomnia, tobacco abuse, nutritional deficiency, and certain medications.

Using Arq-e-Gulab for Heart Health


Heart is no doubt a very sensitive organ of our body and we should take good care of it to avoid any severe heart diseases. There can be multiple factors for heart attacks. Various medical schools of thoughts like Allopathy, Homeopathy and herbal have their own way of treating heart diseases. The best is herbal method as it has almost no side-effects and offer perfect solution in the form of herbal supplements.

My Stomach… Your Stomach… Our Stomach Problems and Treatment


Health is a big concern nowadays, especially when it comes to stomach. No one is safe from stomach issues. Everyone faces it at least once. Stomach troubles also affect your food and as a result it deeply affects your mood and attitude. Let’s list down some common stomach issues starting from the mild ones to the severe ones.

5 Herbal and Natural Therapies for Diabetes Treatment


It is known that there are many common herbs and spices useful for lowering down blood sugar and are used by people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

With a number of clinical experiments and studies done in recent years sufficient evidence is collected that show potential links of herbal remedies and improvement in blood glucose control. Now many people with type 2 diabetes use these natural remedies based on natural ingredients to effectively manage their blood sugar levels.

Herbal Medicine for Children Health is the Right Choice


Every one of us is extra cautious when it comes to taking care of children’s health. Kids often indulge themselves in small accidents due to which they end up having minor injuries. As there immunity system is not fully developed so they very often get ill as well. Doctors throughout the world say that if your child has some minor illness or injury then it is best to use herbal remedies for children health mainly because they work faster and also because they are free of side effects. But if the child’s condition is not good then visiting a child’s specialist is must.

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