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An effective and popular herbal remedy for liver, stomach and intestinal disorder. It regulate functions of liver and stomach. It is also useful in fltaulence, stomach pain, etc. It is helpful in treating problems related to stomach and liver and regulate their normal functions. Give strength to stomach (Stomachic) and liver tonic also. It removes gas and chronic constipation. Act as appetizer and carminative.




  •  An effective and popular remedy for liver, stomach,bladder and intestinal disorder
  • Mawaiz munaqa.
  • Baikh azkhar.
  • Baikh badiyan.
  • Baikh karafs .
  • Badiyan.
  • lmli.
  • Sipistan.
  • Tukhm-e-khatami.
  • Berg-e-sanna.
  • Gul-e-surkh.
  • Asl-us-sus.
  • Gul-e-banafsha.
  • Gaozaban .
  • Resha-e-khatmi. 
  • 3g with water two times a day Or as Directed by the Physician.
Price: 85.00 Rs
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