Majun Hamal Ambari (100 gm) (Code: M-365)

Majun Hamal Ambari (100 gm)
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Majun Hamal Ambari (100 gm) Majun Hamal Ambari (100 gm) Majun Hamal Ambari (100 gm)

Majun Hamal Ambari is effective is diseases due to the weakness of uterus. It is helpful in habitual abortion, atony of uterus. It strengthens the uterus. It the sterility is due to atony of the uterus or caused by uterine disorders in these conditions, plays important role for conception. Recommended for women with a history of miscarriages or for women whose off springs die at birth or are born weak.




  • Effective in diseases due to the weakness of uterus
    Helpful in habitual abortion
    Give strength to uterus

  • Mazu sabz.61g.,Ood Saleeb 61g.,Bikh anjbar.61g., Gill armani.61g.,tukhm khurfa siyah1.10g., Maghz tukhm tarbuz .96g., Sadaf .39., kahurba.39g.,Bassud.39.,Tabasheer.39g., Kishmish.91g.,Waraq nuqra 1.1g., Sugar/honey q.s.  
  •  2 tablets with water before breakfast.







Price: 230.00 Rs
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