Muffareh Azam (Code: MF-397)

Muffareh Azam
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Muffareh Azam is a herbal supplement of Hakim Ajmal Khan. It strengthens heart and stomach. It regulate functions of heart, brain, liver. It is beneficial in melancholic diseaes like palpitation and preplexity. It act as refrigerant and sedative. It reduces restlessness and induces sound sleep.





  •  Regulate functions of heart, brain and liver.
  •  Remedy for cough and cold.
  • Lessens intensity of fever.
  •  Effective in melancholic diseases like palpitation
  •  Each 10g of ingredient before processing and dilution or at the stage of formulation conatains; Pterocarpus santalinus 0.91g, Nepata hindostana 0.91g, Salvia haematode 0.46g, Doronicum hookri 0.46g, Elettaria cardamomum 0.70g, Lapis lazuli 0.22g, Argentum 0.06g, Ruby 0.07g, Malus Sylvestris 2.28g, Lemon Water 2.28g, berberis aristata 2.28g, Sugar q.s
  •  5g with water before breakfast or directed by the Physician.
Price: 80.00 Rs
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