Jawarish Shahi (Code: J-146)

Jawarish Shahi
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Jawarish Shahi potentiates functioning of heart, brain and digestive system. Useful in relieving acidity. It strengthens stomach (stomachic). It increases appetite. Useful in perplexity, palpitation and restlessness. Beneficial in psychoneurosis and palpitation. Relieves throbbing and restlessness. Quenches excessive thirst.

  • Indication



    •  Exhilarate & Cardio-brain tonic.
    •  Tranquillizing particularly in tachycardia.
    • Cardiac and Brain tonic.
    •  Relieves throbbing and restlessness.
    • Terminalia chebula (murraba-halila)
    • Emblica officinalis (murraba-amala
    • Beberis aristata (zarishk)
    • Sugar 
    • Adult: 5g with Water Two Times a Day.


    • Children: 3g with Water Two Times a Day.

Price: 90.00 Rs
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