Jawarish Kamuni (100 gm) (Code: J-151)

Jawarish Kamuni (100 gm)
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Jawarish Kamuni is highly effective in curing the disorders like lack of appetite, indigestion, flatulence, rheumatic piles, constipation, stink of mouth, gastric trouble, headache caused by flatulence, backache, weakness of bladder, frequent urination and general physical debility. It increases the production of blood by regulating the digestive system, and as a result the paleness of the face vanishes.




  •  Removes the gastric coldness, acidic belch and indigestion.
  • Give strength to stomach and increases appetite.
  • Cleanse the stomach after evacuating the effete matters, beneficial for constipation.
  • Act as mild laxative.
  •  Helpful in eliminating hiccough.
  •   Relieves the fever caused by gastric dysfunction.
  • Cominium nigrum(Zira Siyah)
  • Zingiber offcinale(Zinjibil)
  • Piper nigrum(Filfil Siyah)
  • Ruta graveoleans(Berg Sudab)
  • Sugar 
  •  Adult: 5g With Water Two time A day.
  • Children: 3g with Water Two Time a Day

Price: 90.00 Rs
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