Jawarish Jalinus (100 gm) (Code: J-142)

Jawarish Jalinus (100 gm)
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Jawarish Jalinus is a best gastro-enteric tonic. Useful for bowel, stomach and urinary tract weakness. Digestive and appetizing. Obviates gas formation. Absorb impure or malhumors of the stomach. Beneficial in poor appetite. Removes the constipation, gas formation, ozostomia, bad breath and headache. Safeguard for premature graying of hair




  • Digestive Appetizing
  • Obviates Gas formation
  • Each 10g of ingredients before processing and dilution or at the stage of formulation contains: Valeriana offcinalis (Balchar) 0.55g. Elettaria cardamomum (ilaichi-Khurd)0.55g. cinnamomum officinalis (darchini)0.8g. syperus scariosus (sadkofi)0.8g.Alpina galang (khualanjan) 0.8g.Zingiber officinale(zanjibil)0.8g.piper nigrum (Filfil siyah)0.8g.saussurea lappa (qustshirin) 0.8g. valeriana hard wickil (asarun)0.8g. Myrust communis(hub-ul-ass)0.8g. swertia chirta (chiraitashirin) 0.8g. cinnamomum casssia(taj)0.8g. Mytrus caryophyllus (laung)0.8g. Pistaic lentiscus (mastagi)0.01g.Sagur q.s.
  • Adult: 5g. with water two times a day.                  
  • Children: 3g. With water two times a day.







Price: 170.00 Rs
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