Jawarish Anarain (1/2 kg) (Code: J-454)

Jawarish Anarain (1/2 kg)

Jawarish Anarin act as refrigerant. It helps to strengthen the stomach and liver. It increases appetite. It stops nausea and vomiting. Useful in jaundice. Checks biliousness and diarrhea due to excessive bile




  • For Digestive system
  • Weakness of the digestive system.Loss of appetite.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting and jaundice.
  • Punica granatum(rub-anar)9.25g., Mentha arvensis(abb-e-podina)0.24g., Rose indica(arq gulab)q.s.
  • For Adults :5g. with water two times a day.      
  • For Children: 3g. with water two times a day.







Price: 340.00 Rs
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