Tila Musaman Sharifi (Code: T-281)

Tila Musaman Sharifi

Tila Musamman sharifi gives strength to male sex organ. Its especiaaly formulated for sluggishness of male sex organ. Strengthens the sexual organ and muscles. Increases blood flow in penis & helps in erection of penis. It is useful in hypersensitization of male organ, leanness and debility of the male organ. Removes sexual debility due to weakness of nerves and strengthens the male sex organ.





  • This Tila is an exceptional grade tonic for the penis.
  • Give strength to male sex organ.
  • Its increase the joy between male and Female.
  • Jaiphil (Myristica fragrans fruit)
  • Ber bhuti (Aramia coccinia) 
  • Tukham Dhatura (Datura stramonium)
  • Kharateen (Lumbricus terrestris)
  • Tukham moli (Phaphanus sativus)
  • Tukham guzar (Daucus carota)
  • Seemab (Mercury, mineral)
  • Roghan malkangni (Staff oil)
  • Roghan mahi
  • Mom desi (Bees wax) 
  •  One to two tablets two times a  day after
  •    Meals with a glass of water or   as directed by the physician.
Price: 180.00 Rs
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