Itar Aish (Code: IT-289)

Itar Aish
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Itar Aish is perfumed combination of herbs. It increases the joyable moments. Increases retentive power. Strengthens the nerves. It helps both the partners to regain sexual pleasure during intercourse. Both partners enjoys a lot. It increases pleasure. Both sides enjoy moments and makes nights pleasureable and enjoyable.




  • Itar Aish is a combination of perfumed herbs.
  • It produce a remarkable ecstatic state during the course of coition which potently enterains both of the sexes.
  •  Rose demacena oil (0.0147g)
  • Lawsonia inermis oil (0.0492g)
  • Pistacia lentiscus oil (0.295g)
  • Bees wax q.s
  • When required apply on male sex organ.
  • Use after the consultation of physician.
Price: 180.00 Rs
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