Almas-e-Kimiyavi (Code: A-116)

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 Almas-e Kemyavi was formulated by Hakim Ajmal Khan. Almas-e-Kemyavi is an expensive but extremely effective. Nervine tonic tablets for men gold coated. The naturally occurring ingredients are found to be very effective.If Erectile Dysfunction is temporary or long term through stress, tiredness, hardening of arteries or physical or psychological reasons this medicine works. It opens blood vessels and improves blood circulation. It strengthens heart, brain, liver, kidney and stomach. It is effective for general body weakness.




  • An expensive but excellent sex tonic tablets for male.

  • Increase libido and sexual function


  • Warq-e-tela

  • llmas

  • Al-ahmar

  • Taamesar

  • Kutchala mudaber

  • Marwarid

  • marjan jawahir

  •  zehar mohra

  • jund-e-badastar

  • Behman surkh 

  • 1 tablets after every alternate day with a cup of warm milk after breakfast

    Or as directed by the physician.

Price: 1600.00 Rs
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