Fever Medicine

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Arq Gulab provides strength to the heart, normalizes heart beat and palpitation. Reduces intensity of fever.
110.00 Rs
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Khameera Banafsha quenches excessive thirst. It is effective in fever, coryza, common cold, and cough. It is useful for inflammation of throat.
90.00 Rs
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Qurs Bukhar is effective for malaria fever.
40.00 Rs
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Qurs Jamil is effective for seasonal and malarial fever.
35.00 Rs
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Sharbat Banafsha is useful in cold, catarrh, cough and fever. It is useful in sore throat and irritation in throat.
220.00 Rs
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Sharbat unnab act as mild blood purifier. It is useful in hyperthermia and hypersensitivity. It is beneficial in headache, cough and chest ailments. It is Useful in high Fever.
210.00 Rs
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