LAOOQ BADAM (Code: LQ-352)


Laooq Badam is a sugar based herbal supplement for brain. Act as brain tonic, expectorant. It improves memory. It is beneficial in dry cough and tuberculosis and removes phlegm from chest. It is useful for hoarseness of throat.





  • Laooq Badam is a brain tonic.
  • It improves memory Beneficial in dry cough and tuberculosis.
  • Useful for hoarseness of throat


  • Prunus amygdalus (maghz badam) 1.82g.
  • Lagenaria vulgaris(maghzkaddu) 1.82g.
  • Acacia arabia (gond kikar)1.82g.
  • Cochiospermum relgiousum (Katira) 1.82g.
  • Glychrhiza glabra(rub-ul-sus) 2.72g.
  • Sugar q.s
  • Adults: 10g with water two times a day.
  • Children: 5g with water two times a day.
  • or Directed by the physician.







Price: 80.00 Rs
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